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Electric Underfloor Heating Guernsey

Are you tired of hesitating about getting out of the shower because the floor will freeze your toes off? Call The Chrome Company today on 01481 266 811 for a free onsite survey, measurement, and design service. Our professional team have years of experience to ensure your home has that extra feeling of luxury.

Quality Guernsey Electric Underfloor Heating

At The Chrome Company, we believe everyone should have a sense of luxury and comfort in their home. The feeling of getting out of a hot shower or long soak in the bath onto an ice cold floor is not pleasant, especially during the winter months. Our electric underfloor heating Guernsey can help stop the warm feeling you got throughout the shower instantly feeling like its drained away, and you won’t be left feeling cold afterwards.

The flexibility of our heating solutions is unrivalled in the industry, and our professionally qualified team are the best there is for electric underfloor heating Guernsey. You’ll never have to worry about cold feet again after getting out of the bath. The Chrome Company offers a full design and installation service, so you know you’ve got the best team for the job. The system is surprisingly quick to install, which means you can enjoy it all the faster.

The electric underfloor heating Guernsey is on demand, so you can program it to come on whenever you want. It’s not just the bathroom it’s suitable for. The Guernsey electric underfloor heating is suitable for almost any wood, laminate, tile, and other types of flooring as well. You could walk from one end of your home to the other and never touch a cold floor.

Thanks to the superior efficiency of the electric underfloor heating in Guernsey that we can supply and install, it can be used as the primary heating source for your whole home. It can help reduce heating bills, and because it incorporates intuitive design, so you can heat one room at a time if you prefer.

Electric Underfloor Heating Guernsey

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What Makes Underfloor Heating Such a Great Product?

The reason electric underfloor heating Guernsey is so effective is that in order to provide effective heating, radiators need to reach between 65-75 degrees. Guernsey electric underfloor heating only needs to be at a steady 27-29 degrees to provide noticeable warmth. The also heats the room throughout thanks to the heat convection effect.

Not only can our electric underfloor heating Guernsey save you money on heating, but it also allows you to remove the unsightly, exposed heating elements in your home. This can enhance your home’s beauty with seamless, unbroken decoration. It can give you greater scope to transform your home as you see fit, and the small amount of extra space can sometimes make a big difference.

While the absence of radiators can be an aesthetic improvement, The Chrome Company can supply great looking radiator and heating products that can boost the effectiveness of your new electric underfloor heating Guernsey. You’ll be able to suffuse your home with warmth for that cosy feeling we all know and love. Take a look at our stylish heating product range, and see if anything catches your eye.

Our Products

There are four options available, depending on your requirements and the type of flooring in your home. If you’ve got timber flooring or concrete screeds, Thermoduo™ is the best option. For laminate, carpet, or vinyl, our range of Thermofoil Pro™ electric underfloor heating in Guernsey is the way to go. There’s also Thermonet® and Vario Pro as well.


This is a heavy duty 5.5mm heating system, perfect for heating the heavier types of flooring. It can be used with a wide range of floor coverings and secured with either staples or steel fixings. It’s perfect for new builds or renovation projects and has an energy rating of 18W/m. The flexibility of the product also means that it can be safely attached to foil-faced insulation boards, using tough and durable staples.

Thermofoil PRO™

This system is ideal for homes that have flooring with higher heat conductivity. It features enhanced electrical safety, through the effective utilisation of a continuous earth braid. It comes in 500mm wide strips and lengths of 2-24m at 2.5mm thickness intervals.

Concerns about cable spacing can be eliminated thanks to the intuitive design. The cables are fluoropolymer insulated and reinforced with aluminium foil. Other features include:

  • Twin Conductor Cable
  • Accessible Cable Loops
  • Cut and Return Installation
  • Both Thermoduo™ and Thermofoil PRO™ come with an unbeatable 15-year guarantee



If you’re concerned that your older property has insulation issues, this is the solution for you. The Thermonet® EZ 200W/m2 electric underfloor heating Guernsey is also perfect for conservatories, outhouses, wet-rooms, and swimming pool surrounds. Featuring twisted twin conductor technology, low profile cold tail connections, and a self-adhering high-grab mesh, it’s a versatile and incredible heating solution. It also comes with a lifetime guarantee as standard.

Vario Pro

The Vario Pro electric underfloor heating Guernsey comes with twisted twin technology and a waterproofing membrane for added safety in bathrooms and swimming pool surrounds. It’s a suitable heating solution for 5.5mm floor build-up and ideal for renovations of old screens and new anhydride screens. The system also boasts a fast track substrate preparation.

Why Choose The Chrome Company?

Our professional team have over 30 years’ experience in the industry and have completed many projects. We have garnered a sterling reputation for exceptional quality, superior products, and comprehensive installations that come with unparalleled customer service standards. We offer a free design service, so there’s nothing to lose by finding out more and seeing how much electric underfloor heating in Guernsey can improve your home.

We don’t just do underfloor heating – we offer a huge selection of bathroom accessories, fixtures, and furnishings. We’re able to offer full installation services for everything from electric showers that feature a convenient remote control and programmable settings to ornate, stunning ultra-deep bathtubs for a palatial feeling.


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Work guaranteed for 5 years

We are confident of the quality of our installations. So much so that every installation comes with a 5 year craftsmanship guarantee.

Product guarantees

All products sold by The Chrome Company come with the backup of the manufacturers guarantees.

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