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Underfloor Electric Heating

Smart design means our heating solutions adapt to virtually every floor surface, such as, tile, wood, laminate and more whilst still delivering incredible comfort, luxury and warmth to any room. They’re fast to install and can even be used as a primary heating source to better control your heating costs.

Because warmth and comfort should be easy, cost-effective and beautiful

Bring simple, effortless luxury and comfort to any living space with the flexibility of a Thermogroup heating solution. Our heating products are innovative, look amazing, and last for years, so you can enjoy the efficient, on-demand heating you deserve in your home.

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Underfloor heating warms up significantly quicker than radiators due to the fact that less heat is required to bring the room to a comfortable temperature (26-29 degrees). Radiators need to be heated to 65-75 degrees to achieve the same goal. This is because underfloor, or in other words, radiant heating, produces radiant heat that emits evenly across the floor making you feel comfortable in an instant.

Many still think, quite incorrectly, that underfloor heating is more expensive than radiators – a luxury that it is not accessible to everyone. However, floor heating can be installed in both small rooms and very large projects and it brings you cost-savings on your energy bills making it an affordable luxury, suitable for every project.

We offer a full installation service if required.

We also offer a free onsite survey and measurement/ design service.

We supply four systems of which you can read more about below.


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The Thermoduo™ heavy duty 5.5mm heating system is the perfect option for homes that feature suspended timber floors or concrete screeds. It is suitable for use with a wide range of floor coverings and can be fixed using either a staple or steel fixing method. Whether for a new build or renovation project, Thermoduo™ 18W/1m can also be stapled to foil-faced insulation boards.
This system comes with an incredible 15 year guarantee as standard.

Thermofoil PRO™

For homes with laminate flooring, carpet or vinyl, the Thermofoil PRO™ system is the way to go. Featuring a continuous earth braid, the Thermofoil PRO™ provides unparalleled electrical safety. Available in 500mm wide strips in lengths of 2-24m and 2.5mm thicknesses, the fluoropolymer insulated heating cable encased in reinforced aluminium foil eliminates the need to worry about cable spacing.

Other features of the Thermofoil PRO™ system include a twin conductor cable, accessible cable loops and a simple cut and return installation. Plus, this system also comes with a 15 year guarantee as standard.


If you’re after premium-quality underfloor electric heating Guernsey, then the Thermonet® system is just what you’ve been searching for. This is the only system of this type in the UK to feature the innovative Twisted Twin conductor cable technology. The Thermonet® EZ 200W/m2 is perfect for use in older buildings where insulation is an issue. It is recommended for use with conservatories, swimming pool surrounds and wet rooms.

Other features include a low profile cold tail connection and a high-grab self-adhesive mesh. The Thermonet® system also comes with a lifetime warranty.

Vario PRO

The Vario PRO comes with the amazing Twisted Twin conductor cable technology as well as a waterproofing membrane. This combined underfloor heating and uncouple solution is suitable for a 5.5mm floor build-up and is the ideal choice for renovating old screeds and new anhydrite screeds. The Vario PRO also boasts a fast track substrate preparation.

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At The Chrome Company, we can help you to find the right underfloor electric heating solution to fit your home. We offer a FREE initial survey in which we will discuss your needs and carefully assess the layout and materials used in the construction of your property. We’ll also be happy to answer any questions you might have and can provide a full installation service for the most competitive price around.

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