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Wood Flooring

If you’re searching for quality engineered wooden flooring at discounted prices, look no further than The Chrome Company. We have full displays showcasing an incredible selection of wood floors in a wide range of colours, widths, styles and finishes. You’ll be simply spoiled for choice when you visit our showroom in St Peters today where we have FREE conveniently situated parking.

Engineered wood flooring is constructed from multiple layers of wood, with a beautiful layer of solid wood on top. Its layers make it resistant to changes in temperature, meaning it’s suitable for conservatories and basements. The solid wood veneer gives it a beautiful and natural finish, which varies on the species and grain of the wood.

There are several advantages to engineered wood flooring; the main one being that it’s a more durable product, due to the makeup of the plank. Engineered wood flooring is made up of 2-3 layers or more. Firstly, there’s the hardwood veneer (lamella), which is the top layer of the floor. This consists of a thin layer of timber, usually around 2mm – 6mm thick, and is available in a variety of styles, colours and patterns.

Secondly, there’s the core board. This is made up of either one or two layers of plywood, or a combination of fibres which are bonded together under intense pressure to create a dense insulating material. The layers of timber run in different directions which reduces the opportunity for buckling and twisting.

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Other advantages of engineered wood flooring are that firstly; it is incredibly easy to install, and secondly; it lasts for years.  Depending on the area in which it’s laid, engineered flooring can last for more than 30 years!

From a kitchen that oozes rustic charm to a bedroom that exudes modern vibes; wooden floors are guaranteed to provide a sophisticated look for any home. The best part is that here at The Chrome Company, we are the one-stop-shop solution for those seeking high-end wood flooring at competitive prices.

We aim to keep our prices as low as possible. By passing any savings on to you, you can enjoy luxury wood flooring in your home as well as fantastic value for money. At The Chrome Company, we offer either a supply only service or a full installation service – whatever works best for you. We are also happy to recommend selected fitters to you.

In addition, we also provide a home/ site measurement service and supply a range of adhesives, underlays and finishing oils too.

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If your plan is to invest in an engineered wooden floor and underfloor heating, you’ll be delighted to hear that the two go together quite nicely. Plus, The Chrome Company just happen to be the most competitively priced supplier and fitter of underfloor heating around, as we are discount suppliers. Electric underfloor heating is a great way to balance the heat distribution in the room and makes engineered wood flooring an absolute pleasure to walk on.

You can learn more about underfloor heating by clicking on the relevant page of our website.

Alternatively, give us a call, and we’ll discuss your needs in more detail. Here at The Chrome Company, you are guaranteed a great deal every time.

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